My journey to building my own health and wellness practice was long in the making.  As a Seattle native and mother of four beautiful children, I always strived to live a healthier and happier life for myself and those around me.  However, like many people, I struggled with weight issues throughout my life and wasn’t as healthy as I should've been.  My dietary choices were far from healthy, I didn't start eating and enjoying vegetables until I was in my 30's. 


I came to the realization that two things in my life needed to change - the first thing was being more proactive in my eating habits and that my corporate job wasn’t as fulfilling as it could be.  I soon learned that change started with my whole approach to nutrition and wellness.

I began with eating a healthier diet, but wanted to learn more about nutrition.  I decided to resign from my job and further my education by attending “The Institute for Integrative Nutrition” to become a “Certified Holistic Health Coach.”  By making this choice I learned how to be healthier and happier in all aspects of my life, and found a peace that I never imagined possible.

I feel so grateful that I was brave enough to the reinvent myself and take a chance on a life I felt passionate about…a life I had always dreamed of having.  Starting my coaching practice has been more rewarding than I ever could’ve imagined.  Building my own business has given me a sense of fulfillment that I never felt before.  I truly love coaching and watching the amazing transformations in my clients’ lives.  And I look forward to working with you and getting you on track to the life you deserve.