"Meal Prep for the Week"

My “Meal Prep for the Week” class, an interactive demonstration on how to prepare five meals for the week, was held at Pier View Chiropractic this past Saturday.  The class was an introduction to why meal preparation can be a strategic part of the nutritional puzzle.  We all have heard that healthy is the new skinny and how it’s the goal for so many of us, but when we work long hours, have families, pets, workout, and other obligations, it can be difficult for us to make good choices.  Ultimately, the purpose of the class was aimed at overcoming our busy schedules and creating a strategy that will allow us to make healthy home cooked meals.

I found the class to be a bonding experience where I felt a tremendous sense of community among us.  We came together and talked about our lives as we prepped the five meals I planned for this class: Lemon pepper chicken with broccoli; Pork chops; Steak and potatoes, Red pepper chicken; and a huge salad.  Yum!  We actively talked about tips and tricks for eating healthy among other dietary concerns. 

We also discussed how to get more vegetables into our diets and how to make those less popular vegetables taste better, which I’m planning to tackle in my upcoming class, "Picky Eaters,” March 24th from 6:30 - 7:30 at Pier View Chiropractic.  Besides leaving feeling accomplished and more knowledgeable on how to eat healthier, the best part of the class is everyone who attended the class had five meals to take home with them that were ready to go for the busy week.  Stay tuned to my blog to find out when the next "Meal Prep" class will be conducted and we'll get cooking healthier together!