Individual Session

The key benefit of working with me is how I tailor my programs to fit your individual needs.  I’ll teach you how to implement healthy, life long, habits that take into account who you are today to help you become who you want to be tomorrow.  Some of the things I focus on, but are not limited to, range from blood sugar level stabilization, identifying alternatives to unhealthy foods, and developing an exercise plan that fits into your lifestyle.

You have the choice of meeting with me either in person (Seattle metro area), or via phone (US citizens only) for one 50 minute session.  What's included

  • Educational grocery shopping trip (healthy foods and snacks). We’ll work together to avoid the typical quick fix diet approach by establishing delicious alternatives to unhealthy foods.

  • One-on-one coaching to develop, evaluate, and track the progress of your nutrition and wellness goals.

  • Complimentary vouchers for you and one guest to attend any of my free “events” (ticketed events excluded).

  • Exercise plan kick start - I'll provide additional encouragement for individuals having a difficult time establishing an exercise routine. On occasion, I'll accompany you at your gym, local hike, walk, or related exercise activity per your request.

  • Email support between sessions if you need any assistance in achieving or maintaining your goals.

I’m pleased to offer three different program plans, in addition to an initial consultation fee of $129 for new clients:


Initial Consultation


Meeting for a 50 minute session to determine program

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One Month


One month intensive kick start


Three Months


Meeting once every two weeks for a 50 minute session


Six Months


Meeting once every two weeks for a 50 minute session


Online Group Session

$35 per person (minimum of 3 people)

$55 per person (minimum of 2 people)

Contact me today for more information at or 206.446.4347.   You also have the option of clicking the "Group Session Inquiry" button below to send a message.


Friends & Family Meal Prep

$55 per person (party of 5 or more)

$65 per person (party of 4)

$75 per person (party of 3)

$90 per person (party of 2)

Are you interested in a fun learning activity that will get the whole family eating healthier together?  If so, I’m pleased to offer special “meal prep” classes to families or friends, or any combination you choose, in the comfort of your very own home.  Meal prep is an interactive demonstration where I’ll teach you how to prepare five healthy dinners for the week ahead of time.  For this class, you get hands on experience learning the basics, tricks, and tips to meal preparation.  You’ll discover the benefits of preparing meals in advance, such as making far healthier and appetizing choices, in addition to saving money as well as time.  Participants will be responsible for providing their own cooking utensils, clean up supplies, and the “protein” grocery shopping, and the rest of the food items will be provided by me – Organic vegetables, oils, garlic, and spices.  


Sunday Motivational Call

1:00pm PST

Life coaching is now part of my practice!  I’ll not only coach you on nutrition, but what's feeding your soul, as well as what's getting in the way of your joy and happiness.  The goal of this program is to help WAY more people and not to have money be a factor for anyone who hasn’t been able to use my services in the past, so I’m pleased to offer a “pay-what-you-can” plan for the month of November.  I'll be hosting a weekly call kicking off the program next Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 1:00pm.  If you'd like to be a part of this conversation please use the checkout button below and pay what you can.  After registering, I'll contact you with the dial in number.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach me by clicking on my “contact” page and sending a quick message.